System Connection
1- Fix the antennas to the main unit
2- Connect HDMI Out to the Display
3- Connect LAN connection the unit will get automatic IP
4- Connect Power Supply to the main unit
5- Pair USB Dongle connecting USB port of the main unit
6- Connect USB Dongle to PC or MAC and run the file in the dongle

  • Video input and output supports HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz
  • BYOM-Bring Your Own Meeting and BYOD-Bring Your Own Device
  • Wireless Conferencing Solution
  • USB2.0 Camera and Speakerphone Support
    Touch Screen (touch-back) Support
  • Type-C, HDMI and USB button options
  • Wireless transmission of a windows PC or Mac to the Base
    Unit using Dongles.
  • 9 USB dongles screen sharing at the same time
  • IOS and Android Mobile device screen sharing
  • Low Latency 100ms, 50m transmission distance
  • Extend display functionality
  • HDMI&VGA Out Simultaneously
  • Support 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Band selection
  • 16 USB Dongle support (max.9 screen sharing at the same time)